Statement by Colin Better, 10 October 2007

During August and September 2007 there were telephone calls and letters between me and Neil Emerson of  Bircham Dyson Bell, solicitors for Central Hall Westminster Ltd. The upshot was that we agreed a settlement without Court hearings. We agreed a "Tomlin Order" and jointly submitted a draft Consent Order to Central London County Court. Under the agreement I undertook not to disclose the terms of the Tomlin Order which were spelled out in the Schedule to the Order. I can say, though, that I found the Order very satisfactory from the point of view of people with sight and/or hearing problems. I believe that improvements for such people at the Central Hall Westminster will become apparent in future months. It may be worth while keeping an eye on the website for Central Hall Westminster:

Document 7 is the final correspondance from Central London County Court with as much as I can disclose. The Schedule is not reproduced here in the spirit of the Tomlin Order agreed.