Colin B. Bennett DDA Dossier - Document 55

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General Form of Judgment or Order (N24)

Claim Number:    5BN03502
Claimant:             Colin Bruce Bennett
Defendant:           Brighton & Hove City Council

Date:                   03 March 2006

Before DISTRICT JUDGE MERRICK sitting at Brighton County Court, William Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 ORF.

Upon hearing the Claimant in person and Counsel for the defendant and

Upon Brighton and Hove City Council baving installed an IR system at the Council Chamber of Hove Town Hall and

Upon the City Council agreeing to

1. Instruct/request the RNID to conduct a survey of
a. The Council Chambers at Brighton and Hove Town Halls.
b. Committee rooms 1, 2 and 3 of both Brighton and Hove Town Halls.

2. The RNID be requested to advise as to the facilities, protocols, procedures and train!ng as concerns people who are hearing impaired in the rooms at 1a and 1b above.

3. Draw up a timetable of action in response to the report of the RNID.

And upon it being agreed

4. Such report and timetable to be produced by 22nd May 2006 at the latest and Brighton and Hove City Council and the Court requesting that Mr Bennett can be present during any RNID visit.

5. If so recommended by the RNID the City Council wil1 install an IR or IL system at Brighton Town Hall Council Chamber by 17th July 2006.


1. These proceedings be stayed until 22nd May 2006.

2. The case be reserved to District Judge Merrick. (if available.)

Dated 21 February 2006